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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Smart Fast Food Picks for Kids While Traveling

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I am not one of those moms who "frown" upon fast food.  I don't really "like" eating fast food but there are times when it is hard to avoid.  When we are traveling to and from our destination we generally eat at least one sit down restaurant during the day, but the other two meals are fast food meals.  Fortunately many fast food restaurants are offering smarter food options for kids, and in most cases it's just a matter of substituting fruit or milk in place of the fries and soft drinks..

Here are a few good picks if you are going to be hitting the drive-thru on your next trip:

Wendy's kids meals now offer mandarin oranges or a fruit cup in place of fries, and milk can be substituted in place of a soft drink. 

Subway customers can purchase a kids meal with a 4-inch sandwich, a yogurt cup, and a 100% fruit juice box. 

McDonald's has received a lot of criticism lately for it's Happy Meals.  However, customers can substitute the fries in the Happy Meal for Apple Dippers, and the soft drink can be exchanged for milk or Apple Juice.

Burger King
Burger King is another restaurant where the fries can be replaced.  Instead of regular fries little ones can enjoy Burger King's Apple Fries with caramel dipping sauce, and the soft drink can be exchanged for milk.

KFC offers several great choices for their kids meals.  Customers can choose grilled chicken instead of fried, while sides include corn on the cob and cheese sticks.


  1. You know what I don't like about fast food places? I don't mind the fries, the burgers, etc, but when I ask to have a water with my kids' meals, they say "but you get a soda". My kids don't even like soda! Then they get all offended and say "Well, I can't give you a discount". Pshaw, I don't care! LOL.

  2. Amy, that one gets to me too. A lot of people assume that you when you order water you are ordering because you are trying to be cheap.