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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why choose a family camp?

Family camps are becoming a popular new addition to the summer vacation schedule. What exactly is a family camp? Well, it's just like the summer camp that you went to as a kid but only your whole family goes with you.

Why would a family choose to go to a family camp instead of just going on a typical vacation or just sending their kids to a summer camp? There are a variety of reasons that a family may choose to attend a family camp but one of the most popular ones is the affordability of it.

The average cost of a one week stay at a family camp for a family of four at your basic family camp is around $1,000. While a week stay for four at a luxury family camp can run as much as $4,000 a night with a variety of camps running between the two prices ranges.

Included in the cost of the camp is your sleeping accommodations which can range from a primitive cabin to a luxurious room in a lodge, recreational activities (which have already been planned for you – which can be a huge stress reducer since there is no need to plan), and your food for the week.

When you factor in all of these things, it makes a week a family camp much cheaper than your typical summer vacation.

Beyond the cost factor many families also choose to attend summer camp as a family for bonding time. A week at family camp gives your family time to focus on each other away from the hustle and bustle of your day to day life, with no MP3 players, cell phones, video games, or laptops to get in the way. It's a time when just you and your family get to hang out with each other, and have the opportunity to try new things with each other.

Then there's the recreation aspect. Family camp is full of the same great activities that any summer camp offers, archery, canoeing, and swimming. Not to mention all of the other camp activities like singing songs around the campfire at night, crafts, flashlight tag, and roasting marshmallows over the fire.

All in all a week at family camp allows families the opportunity to spend time together in a stress free old fashioned atmosphere creating memories that will last far beyond the week that they spent at camp.

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